Protecting Your Idea is Key

No one needs to be convinced that protecting a new idea is important to keeping it secure. Where the confusion and deliberation begin, is usually when one starts asking, “How do I protect my idea?” Some people even spend years wondering “if my idea is patentable” or “if my new business name is able to be trademarked.” We have help for the “how” and answers to the “if.”

How to decide if my idea can be patented or my logo trademarked?

In assisting clients to decide first, if they should proceed, then how they should proceed, it is often advisable to perform a due diligence search and form a legal opinion based on the  attorney’s findings. From potentially avoiding the possibility of a wasted patent filing or a trademark infringement case, the answer is in the search and opinion. Our ability to supply a wide variety of searches and opinions allows our clients to continue their Intellectual Property Strategy with confidence. Our attorneys are highly experienced in conducting patentability and trademark searches. With extensive experience comes expertise, which allows our attorneys to conduct thorough searches efficiently. Our efficiency can then save our clients’ valuable resources.

How do I protect my idea and business?

The short answer to this question is, strategically and with people you can trust. Correctly structuring a new business and adequately protecting a new idea must be done properly from the beginning. Our attorneys help you decide what intellectual property services you need, then we develop an individual Intellectual Property Strategy for building and protecting your IP Portfolio. Without the assistance of a qualified professional, one risks devastating results, e.g. possibly infringing on another’s intellectual property. Constructing a strategy for a business structure or for protecting an idea, takes extensive experience and a team that cares about your needs. Our attorneys have the knowledge gained from decades of experience to create an intellectual property strategy specific to the needs of our clients. Together, we help our clients understand what type of protection they need, and equally as important, what they don’t need to waste their hard earned money on. We are invested in our clients’ interests and believe that when our clients succeed, so shall we.

The “hows” and the “ifs” are daunting when you are solo in the world of Intellectual Property. Having good counsel behind you, to provide you with support and knowledgeable answers to your questions, might be just what you need to succeed. Don’t struggle alone, thrive with us.