Maritime Technology

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Thrive IP®’s North Charleston office is located on the Atlantic Ocean and positioned between two major U.S. waterways – the Cooper River and the Ashley River. Thrive IP®’s Smithfield office is located near the largest naval base in the world, in the heart of Hampton Roads. As a result, we are frequently called upon to assist companies in the maritime industry.

We are one of only a few IP boutiques between Miami and Washington, DC providing patent and trademark services on the Atlantic seaboard.  Two of our patent attorneys formerly served in the U.S. Navy, and one of our patent staff holds a degree in Maritime Engineering.

We provide IP services for Key Largo® boats, Lexington® Boats, Caravelle® Boats, and others.   We have filed patent applications for boat hull designs, fishing equipment, and other marine technology.  We obtained a trademark registration for iToon® for pontoon boats, for one of our clients.