Corporate Structuring


For entrepreneurs, startup clients, investors, and corporate landing parties, Thrive IP® provides comprehensive corporate structuring services. In our experience, lots of wasted effort and expense can be saved, and numerous beneficial opportunities can be enjoyed, if we build the corporation correctly at the start. We have found that “C” corporations with certain capital structures are most attractive for follow-on investment from angels and venture capital investors. Also, the corporation can offer key colleagues and service providers alternative compensation to reward them for the value they add, and to preserve precious capital. In certain cases, a separate intellectual property-holding company can allow for flexible management of intellectual property assets. The goal is to create investable entities attractive to follow-on investment, capable of exponential growth, and amenable to several possible exit scenarios. Whether you are a local startup or an overseas company seeking access to the lucrative United States market, consider Thrive IP®’s corporate structuring services.