Strategic IP

Intellectual property provides as much as 85% of the value of an established company. For a startup, that value can reach 100%. Accordingly, protecting your company’s intellectual property represents an investment in your company’s success. If you fail to protect your intellectual property or casually ignore others’ intellectual property, your company may face copyist competitors with vast resources, or worse: infringement litigation that could end your company. On the other hand, a properly-structured intellectual property portfolio may increase market share, afford greater monetization opportunities, and protect the valuable intellectual property on which your company stands. But how does one avoid infringing others’ intellectual property and build a properly-structured intellectual property portfolio?

Thrive IP® can help. We are a firm of Intellectual Property Law attorneys specializing in strategic IP services. With skills honed by years of patent drafting and prosecution, trademark prosecution and branding services, high stakes litigation, licensing, due diligence investigations, client counseling and opinion work, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to guide clients’ strategic IP decisions.