Alternative Dispute Resolution


Litigation isn’t always the answer when resolving conflicts. Thrive IP®’s team of attorneys can help resolve a variety of issues through representation at mediation or arbitration. A variety of intellectual property issues may be resolved through ADR, including contract breach, breach of confidentiality, violations of noncompete agreements, employment issues, and even issues related to intellectual property infringement. ADR often ensures that a panel of neutrals with pertinent expertise resolve the technical and complex issues that often arise with intellectual property concerns. Where intellectual property issues cross borders, ADR takes on additional significance, since negotiated arbitration or mediation may be the only way to solve international disputes. Thrive IP®’s attorneys bring their experience both as advocate and as neutral to the table to help ensure the most equitable ADR results. Thrive IP® also offers Early Neutral Evaluation (“ENE”), a process similar to arbitration through which litigants can gauge the risks and likely outcome of proceeding through lengthy and costly litigation.

Thrive IP® can help corporate clients mitigate risk through the strategic employment of mediation or arbitration clauses in negotiated contractual agreements. This is often a crucial consideration when intellectual property rights holders bring their ideas to market through partnerships with third parties. ADR is often necessary when litigation either isn’t preferred or isn’t an option. Thrive IP® can also assist those clients’ efforts to achieve equitable resolutions, such as where parties are contractually forced to arbitrate or court-ordered to mediate.