We're here to help you thrive!
Your Intellectual Property Team: We’re here to help you thrive!

What is Thrive IP®? Besides the fact that we are an Intellectual Property Law Firm, what makes us different? Our history sets us apart and our constant effort to persist under the philosophy that inspires us, to help our clients thrive. To thrive, one must be supported, nurtured, and protected. Helping you thrive is our business.


Our company was founded by Dr. Jeremy Stipkala in 2005, just before the beginning of what is now historically labeled, the Great Recession. Dr. Stipkala was not deterred by the negative economic climate for new businesses; instead, the situation galvanized his resolve to be a part of the solution. In this spirit, he cast his fortunes amongst the others willing to take the risks necessary to move our country forward…one innovation at a time. It was not easy to start a new business during that unsettled time, but the experience afforded him knowledge that may not have otherwise been possible. Dr. Stipkala experienced firsthand, the struggles of establishing a new business and the hardships faced by inventors; as a result, he gained a unique understanding of the intricacies of what our clients need and the best course for helping them to succeed. This in turn, nurtured a vision of founding a singular type of Intellectual Property firm, one that is solidly focused on the human aspect of business and assisting those seeking help to prosper and thrive. Influenced by the downtrodden economic climate and inspired by the goal of helping others, Dr. Stipkala formed the Thrive-Centric™ philosophy.


The Thrive-Centric™ philosophy and the vision of a firm guided by a greater ideal, deeply influenced my decision to be a part of the Thrive IP® family. Dr. Stipkala believes in the power of people and that if his colleagues and his clients thrive, everything else will fall into place. I joined the Thrive-Centric™ family in early 2010, when the country was just coming out of the Great Recession. Before I came aboard, Dr. Stipkala had already influenced the lives of a number of colleagues by giving them the opportunity to thrive, when many other firms were closing their doors. Before long, we witnessed a surge in innovation as our country trudged ahead, out of the economic uncertainty of the previous years. Together, with our inspired and Thrive-Centric™ team members, we have persisted towards our goal of helping our clients thrive.

Under the Thrive-Centric™ business philosophy, the growth and prosperity of our clients is at the center of our principles. When you thrive, we thrive, meaning we are committed to you and your success. We have helped our clients start new ventures; receive issued patents, registered trademarks, copyright certificates, as well as assisted in many other areas of intellectual property and the process of its protection. We want to help secure your interests, too!