Why Hire an Attorney Who Knows How to Patent Intellectual Property? Here Are Three Reasons to Consider It

how to patent intellectual propertyIn the United States, innovation is often considered the backbone of the country’s economy. Being able to invent new and exciting consumer products and sell them is what drives the desire to succeed in many people. Yet without the promise of intellectual property protection for inventions and creative works, specialized industries may find progress stifled, as this protection often provides the basis for compensation and credit for ideas.

However, one of the most crucial things that any inventor can do is work with an intellectual property attorney to get information on patent protection. Here are three things that any lawyer who knows how to patent intellectual property (and protect it) should be able to do for the nation’s innovators:

Make the Patent Process Simpler.
For inventors of any type, working with an intellectual property rights lawyer who knows how to patent intellectual property is crucial. The process can be confusing for inventors and entrepreneurs seeking patents for the first time, and even understanding how maintenance fees work after the first few years can create headaches for anyone. Intellectual property attorneys should be willing to walk their clients through the entire patent process and keep them informed on the status of their applications.

Act as a Resource During the Application Process.
Because some patents can take more than a year to file and complete through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, inventors may find themselves frustrated during the review of their patent. Additionally, questions may come up in the meantime when the patent moves into pending status. If the inventor has faced potential infringement, an attorney is an especially useful source of information and guidance in these situations.

Give Clients the Defense They Need.
Not only is understanding how to patent intellectual property of various types an important skill for an attorney: knowing how to defend a patent from infringement is also a huge benefit to an entrepreneur. Intellectual property theft can occur in any industry, and insider theft by former employees and once-trusted business partners makes up almost half of all infringement cases. Technology, banking and finance, and chemicals tend to be especially vulnerable to these attacks, and small businesses may have trouble defending themselves if they’re not already working with an attorney. This is an invaluable resource as an inventor moves through the patenting process.

The legal needs of inventors and other creators in the U.S. vary depending on the type of intellectual property they make, so it’s important to seek advice in-person from an attorney. Have more questions about the advantages of working with an intellectual property lawyer? Leave a comment below.