Navigating the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Insights from Jeremy Stipkala

Thrive IP® patent attorney Dr. Jeremy M. Stipkala recently delivered a compelling presentation on the pivotal issues arising at the juncture of artificial intelligence and intellectual property law. On February 15, 2024, Dr. Stipkala engaged with a dynamic assembly of industry leaders in Charleston, SC, shedding light on crucial aspects that demand attention in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Addressing the members of B2B Connect, Dr. Stipkala delved into the intriguing realm of AI-driven content creators and the potential copyright infringements that can arise during the training of AI models. Notably, he explored recent legal battles, including lawsuits initiated by notable figures such as Sarah Silverman and renowned institutions like the New York Times, who have raised pertinent concerns regarding copyright infringement in AI-generated content.

Drawing from recent directives issued by the Copyright Office, Dr. Stipkala underscored the pivotal distinction that the term “authors” under the Constitution and the Copyright Act pertains exclusively to human creators. Similarly, guidance from the Patent and Trademark Office reaffirms the role of humans as inventors, particularly when their contributions significantly influence AI-assisted inventions.

In his discerning analysis, Dr. Stipkala emphasized the role of AI as a tool, akin to a digital camera or a copy machine, which aids individuals in the creative and inventive processes, albeit with the potential to inadvertently infringe upon intellectual property rights. For further insights into navigating the intricate realm of artificial intelligence and intellectual property law, visit Thrive IP® and stay abreast of the latest developments in this ever-evolving field.