Technical Practice Areas

Thrive IP® offers its legal services to organizations invested across a broad technology spectrum. From materials science (nanotechnology, semiconductors, composites) to industrial chemistry (bulk synthesis, biobased fuels and chemicals, plastics, industrial and consumer products) to biochemistry (pharmaceuticals, vaccines, methods of treatment), to software (mobile apps, e-commerce, process control) to electro-mechanical engineering (computer, electrical, and mechanical), our firm can guide and protect the client’s investment. Those services build on knowledge gained through scientific research and legal experience. Our attorneys’ scientific research delved into nanotechnology, organic and inorganic synthesis, photochemistry, electrochemistry, semiconductor materials science, electronics and sensors, computer-aided measurement and control, algorithms for analytical chemistry, optics and electro-optics, polymer chemistry, and polymer physics. Our legal experience also involves a broad range of technologies, such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, biotechnology, alternative energy, computer-implemented inventions, nanotechnology, vaccine manufacture, industrial processes, electro-mechanical engineering, semiconductor materials, medical diagnostics, medical devices, specialty chemicals, personal care products, mechanical / hydro-mechanical / electro-mechanical inventions, upstream oil and gas technology, gas compressors and fluid pumping, seismic surveys, geotechnical tools and analysis, pet products, medical devices, sporting goods, and automotive and energy-sector technologies.


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