Protecting your creative works

Thrive IP® assists authors to protect their creative works by registering their copyrights in the United States Copyright Office. In addition, we enforce those rights by investigating allegations of copyright infringement, and by advising clients on asserting those rights when necessary. We bring a toolbox full of means to resolve questions of copyright abuse, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.


Phone numbers:
(843) 580-9057 – (Charleston)
(865) 224-8555 – (Knoxville)
(864) 516-7529 – (Greenville)
(866) 747-2595 – (facsimilie)

Appointments are strongly recommended since we are often traveling to serve clients’ needs.
NOTICE: Do NOT send confidential information to Thrive IP® unless and until an attorney/client relationship is established by mutual signature on Thrive IP®’s engagement agreement. Confidential information submitted in the absence of an attorney/client relationship will NOT be opened, viewed, preserved, or returned, and will be deleted or destroyed.